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Getting job after completing the engineering is dream of all budding engineers. A job which is respectable, recognizable and good paid. Every student’s wants job but I observe something because of that reason they lags in career which are confidence. Some students have good confidence, some have over confidence, some are under confidence and some few of have practical true confidence. Confidence comes from our beliefs. We must change our beliefs.


Every student dreams about such career and starts frightening him that “what if i don’t get job”. This fear origin or many complexes as a result student starts under estimating themselves and state of depression arises which is not good for decision making and logical thinking health. Keeping up Inspired and motivated is very important.

The fact is getting job is easy. You no need to die of fear of what if I don’t get job. The job is waiting for you. Now you must be thinking that what rubbish I am talking about in this job marathon. How could it be easy to get job? But marks my words don’t rush and be prepared trust yourself and follow me it will be fun.


Let me explain you very interesting thing, every employer want a good engineer & ready to provide good opportunity in shared purpose and every engineer wants a good job. Result: “The best combination”. Both need each other. So now all you need to do is only “be prepared”.

Problem of many engineering graduates:

Every engineering student want job after graduation but many of the students don’t understand the mechanism of job. Every student’s wants job but I observe something because of that reason they lags in career which are confidence. Let me tell you what i believe that god made each of us with equal potential. But here the students beaten by each other because of not clear understanding of nature and under estimate themselves. There are many engineering colleges in India and no doubt few of the college count are very good at studies and their placement after study is very good. This is because of students only. So you need not to worry about any of past and future of yours. If you want job just “be prepared”.

I am here to lighten your path:


Let’s understand the scenario of job nature.  Job nature is all about understanding of “what to do to get job and how to get job”. Many of students who if fresh in engineering college hear from inexperienced sources that “chill out bro”, “this is time to enjoy life”, “Study smartly and pass your exam cool”, “job is final year tension why so worry now” etc. etc…. I will not say that all these are absolutely wrong but you have to recognize your own potential and find own way. But there is one way that I believe that you just have to be pre aware and follow your desire only. If your desire is to get job then you have to be prepared for employer needs and wants.

We have to ask few questions to our-self first

  1. Who is an engineer?
  2. What is engineering?
  3. What is job?
  4. What after job?

While finding the answer of these questions you may come up with more questions. But not to worry at all, let’s handle one by one. All these questions are discussed in later blog suggest you to go through.

As i told you getting job is easy but you must be prepared for that. Prepared for what industries want you do. When I say be prepared, please try to understand my subject context only. Not suggested to go with individual perception of yours. When I say be prepared, I do not mean to say you go and start mugging up the engineering formulas to pass exams and tips and tricks of engineering. Here I am talking about the preparation for real life situation. If I try to say in few words then, “real life problem solving skill is more important than mugging up the engineering formulas. Engineering science comes after when you have solution to the problem to elaborate and document how you have solved the problem so that other can solve very easily in future such problems. For e.g. somebody has come up with the idea to make car and big company of car manufacturing then after the automobile industry starts unlike we have a automotive engineering as a bible and by reading those we make a car. I suggest you to go through to my blogs and read one by one and hope it will help you think in direction for the job.

Please involve yourself from the beginning:

“What if I don’t get job” is very common fear of engineering students and this fear becoming bigger and bigger at the final year of studies. The root cause of this fear is student itself because they start looking for the job in final year of studies. So pre awareness of job and industries scenarios is the only way to become being prepared.


So suggest you to follow your dream at initial stage don’t wait and procrastinate. Best way to follow dream is “Just follow your desire”.

Training and placement:

Every engineering college have separate department commonly named as “Training and placement department” who prepare their candidates for job and face outside world. Some outside training and placement agencies are also there to train you for job but they charge to high. This is free blog to make my Indian engineering knowledgeable, motivated and inspired. Share it, like it and spread it to make future better. You can invite me for live lecture and workshop also.

Suggestions to my dear engineering students:

Those students who desire job, I recommend them to pre aware from the first year of engineering. Please follow your desire and awareness of your desire is much important. Explaining everything in a single line or single paragraph or single blog would not be practically sufficient enough. So go through the series of my blogs which will give you better understanding of engineering and engineering jobs.

“What you are not the end of your story, what do you want to be makes story.”

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