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The choice is absolutely open for you to choose government or private sector. There are many open sources and many folks in India can tell you the difference between government jobs and private jobs. Just be careful of any rumors. In my observation that government cannot provide jobs to each and every engineer, there are limited vacancies. On the other hand private sector is big sector in each branch of engineering where you can also employ yourself and no doubt they are offering good salaries too.

Now if you see closely to the any recruitment process which is starts with eligibility criteria and ends at final jobs in hand. There is few more selections filter steps that you must qualify.


Skills and knowledge:


We are discussing about skills and knowledge. What set of skills and knowledge required to be good engineer? Before answer this question you must ask another question. Who is engineer? What is kind of skills and knowledge we need?  In the process of finding answer to this question we find some keywords that must be clear. What is engineering, who is engineer, why engineering, engineering thinking, product design, what is design, design engineering.


Fun way to get job:

Flow chart is process of getting job in few years back but still in tradition. I am talking about the way of getting jobs in hand which is not starting with eligibility criteria but starts with skills imbued into you from the first year of your engineering.  If you are miss interpreting my words then let me correct you. Please do not miss understand as skill will get you job directly. But it doesn’t mean you thinking in a wrong way. There are some vocational training educations in our country that train people at specific skill and get placed in company directly to work upon the shop floor, called diploma education. But everybody have more expectations from graduate engineer. So you have to have skilled yourself as engineer. You have to think like engineer. You have to be creative. I would suggest you go through my session “Who is engineer”.


Where you should involve yourself and what you will get:

To be successful in this profession you must understand the engineering and what engineering means in current market place. The market is changing rapidly and job and responsibility of engineers also increases accordingly. These rapid changes are drive by three most influencing factors which are innovation, technology and customers. Today market is not manufacturers market that any product that they will produce must buys by the customer. Market is customer driven. Engineers have to think what customers need. For example two of the product that we all are very familiar which is changing leaps and bound in technology are automobile cars and mobiles. So we all have to learn modern engineering rather than the engineering that we are learning since our country become free. It doesn’t mean we can avoid that but we have to learn those as fat as we can get time to learn and involve with modern engineering.


We all have to become smart engineer. Now question arises that who is smart engineer. To answer this question you just look at the products in the market. Every product is combination of engineering that we learn separately. But if you want to lead over all these engineers you have to have knowledge of all.

India has number of engineering colleges but few of them are good. Now you can understand the difference between them. Doesn’t matter which university you are studying, all you need to understand engineering and modern engineering. Innovation plays very important role in that. We will discuss innovation separate blog ton learn what is innovation and how we can develop innovative thinking.

Here are some required set of skills that engineers must have.

Suggestions to my dear engineering students:

Those students who desire job, I recommend them to pre aware from the first year of engineering. Please follow your desire and awareness of your desire is much important. Explaining everything in a single line or single paragraph or single blog would not be practically sufficient enough. So go through the series of my blogs which will give you better understanding of engineering and engineering jobs.

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